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The waiting: a new fast game

Thanks to the review of Shae Davidson (God bless this man!) there’s a new fast narration (and wonderful) narration game available for you. The Waiting is a four-player story game; it requires a deck of French cards. There’s a vast World Outside, and a House stands sealed off from it. Those in the House are waiting for something (o [...]

Two new fast games available

Thanks to the editing by Shae Davidson two new fast games are available in the “Narration Games” page. Standoff, is a fast narration game, by Davide Cavalli, for 2 to many players. You just wagered your last loot in a hand of poker, and now realize that somebody (probably everybody) is cheating. You are drunk and diving for cover [...]

Magic and Steel Updates

36774374 - beautiful sorceress in fighting position with sword . fantasy and magic
Magic And Steel Two great news: Minisite for Magic and Steel is available here: And please find here the “Rules in 1 page” for Magic and Steel (also available for download in the minisite). Enjoy!

“The Wise Man” updated

In the “Games in Pieces” section you’ll find the updated version of rules of “The Wise Man” by Ivan Lania.

Magic And Steel available!

Magic And Steel is available, in its dedicated page. “Magic and Steel” is a “classic” roleplaying game because it takes the fundamental characteristics of the games from the eighties: clear separation between players and game GM (GM), class-based character creation, and campaign length. It expands those characteristics with new mechanisms and [...]

Three new fast games!

Thanks to the proof reading by Shae Davidson there are three new games available for you! For “Narration Games” serie: “Paths“, a simple narrative game for two or more players, suitable for newbie and causal players or as a short warm-up before other games. To play download also the [Board] and [Tokens]. “The Se [...]

A new fast game: The Suitcase

A new fast game is available in the “narration games” page: “The suitcase”. The Suitcase” is a narrative game for two players who assume the roles of women in a train compartment. A suitcase belonging to one woman sits in the overhead luggage rack. The owner is unknown until the very end of the game. The players [...]

Magic And Steel under translation!

Magic And Steel is currently under translation. It’s a (sort of) classic old school fantasy role playing game, because it relies on fundamental structures of 80’s playing: separation between players and GM, classes based characters, campaign ready play; but, expands this approach with modern ideas in role playing such as modern co [...]

Magic and Steel

Italian version has been released. English translation is on the way! Magic and Steel is the new generic fantasy framework based on Levity. It’s been written to facilitate playing for groups that do not have much time for play even if the will is very high. It’s a fast system, with some interesting features. It may also be used fo [...]

Flashback Bullets

Flashback Bullets
Flashback Bullets is near to the publication phase. Have a look below! Stay tuned!

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