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Three new fast games!

Cover-TheSecretThanks to the proof reading by Shae Davidson there are three new games available for you!

For “Narration Games” serie:

  • Paths“, a simple narrative game for two or more players, suitable for newbie and causal players or as a short warm-up before other games. To play download also the [Board] and [Tokens].
  • The Secret“: According to an ancient European legend, a dimple
    on a person’s chin means that an angel touched the baby’s lips to seal them and protect a particu-lar secret. The legend inspired me to write this simple narrative game.

For “Games in Pieces” serie:

  • The Wise Man“, by Ivan Lanìa. A wonderful narration game in which the players take the role of an old wise man and the Goddess of Fate, that will help him understand all of his mistakes.


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