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A new game “Changes” is now translated in English and available in the “Fast Games” page. Changes, by Enrico Pasi  

Pride And Prejudice

A narration game for two players building a story around two characters, trying to push it in favour of one or another character by only using “pride and prejudice” statements. A nice and funny game of around 60 minutes (in case the players decide to narrate six scenes) or less. 2 Players 15 Euro 32 Pages – Hardcover

Three new “fast” games

A quick bump to say that, thanking my friend Enrico Pasi, I’ve had the time to upload the translation of other two simple and fast narration games. You’ll find them in the “Fast Games” page. Moire Halo and Fork [...]

Levity IV

  Levity IV is the ultimate version of the┬ásystem. The manual will explain everything needed to allow Narrator and Players in the exploration and creation of a playing system, starting from the fundamentals of narration games and giving all the tools and instruments to configure their preferred playing system, to be used with groups of p [...]

Halo and Fork – Junior Version

Halo and Fork – Junior Version
Narration Game, for 4 players, rather simple and very funny. You will need two six sided dice. The players will tell the story of a protagonist and the other players will tahe the role of one angel and on devil, trying to lead him/her toward good or bad outcomes, under the control of the conscience. [Download]

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice
Role-playing and narration game for two players, using 2 six sided dice and some tokens. ┬áThe players take the role of a couple of characters (non necessarily humans) and, through the narration, try to achieve the best for his/her character through pride (i.e. what they’re sure for his/her character) and prejudice (i.e. what they’ [...]

The Red and The Black

The Red and The Black
Time to start the publication of game for little kids. A very simple games with a french cards deck. Go to “Narration Games for kids 4 to 6 years old. Download the game

Levity II

Levity II
Levity is a universal system to create and play RPG settings and adventures. The main features are ease of use and a focus to group dynamics (even if it can be used for single player adventures, too). For this reasons Levity can be considered a good introductory system for kids or for newbies. [Download, PDF, 14 pages, 1.6 Mb]

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