Magic And Steel

[Spanish Translation of the game is on the way]
“Magic and Steel” is a “classic” roleplaying game because it takes the fundamental characteristics of the games from the eighties: clear separation between players and game GM (GM), class-based character creation, and campaign length. It expands those characteristics with new mechanisms and thoughts from the first decades of the 21st century, such as objective-focused conflict, creating a hybrid structure that will appeal to both old and new players.
In “Magic and Steel,” the players and the GM are two sides of the same coin: no participant can do without the others, because nobody is more important than anybody else. The game is always transparent and play doesn’t require a GM’s screen. The die rolls must always be open and nothing should be decided by absolute authority (unless specifically stated by the game itself).
Magic and Steel” means a lot for me. It is my homage to a way to play that enchanted me and that I will never forget. Maybe the biggest thanks should go to the authors of the Dungeons & Dragons Red Box. From the moment I opened the box my life has surely changed.

Game features:

  • No GM Screen. Rolls are always open.
  • Central Game Board (as tabletop games), customizable.
  • Predefined (customizable) character sheets. (6 classes)
  • No tables, stats, and so on…
  • 2 Kinds of Die Rolls, 6 outcomes.
  • Adventures have a “difficulty level”
  • “Lethal” and “Non Lethal Mode” available.
  • Unique characters’ advancement mode
  • “Campaign” play


Version 1.0 - October 2017
Released under Creative Commons License


Game Preparation
Main Elements
Other tools
Classes and Bestiary
Acknowledgements And Credits

[Download - 66 pages - PDF]
[Rules in One Page]

Game Boards

Print in 11,5 x 16,5 and put in the center of the table.

Board 1 - The Ambush - By Luigi Colazzo

Board 2 - Behind the Corner - By Luigi Colazzo

Board 3 - Final Battle - By Luigi Colazzo

Characters Sheets

Ready to play sheets. Print in 5.8 x 8.3 inches

Warrior - [Download]
Ranger - [Download]
Adventurer - [Download]
Cleric - [Download]
Arcanist - [Download]
Wizard - [Download]

Blank sheet for characters - [Download]
Blank sheet for monsters - [Download]