Levity IV

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LevityIVCoverLevity IV is the ultimate version of the system.

The manual will explain everything needed to allow Narrator and Players in the exploration and creation of a playing system, starting from the fundamentals of narration games and giving all the tools and instruments to configure their preferred playing system, to be used with groups of players with different ages and managing different narration systems.

Table of Contents:

  1. Chapter 1: Narration Games Fundamentals [PDF Draft]
    1. Definition, general aspects and application domain
    2. The process of fiction generation
    3. Truth and aesthetic at game table
    4. Validated and Non-Validated Fiction
    5. Personal Imaginary Space and Shared Imaginary Space
    6. The validation sequence
  2. Chapter 2: The pillars of Levity [PDF Draft]
    1. The Three ‘Essences’
    2. The Three Powers
    3. Levity in one page
    4. Your first rpg system
  3. Chapter 3: Creating your own system
    1. Fixed Systems
    2. Variable systems
    3. Management of Information during game
    4. Introducing game economy
    5. Complex game systems
  4. Chapter 4: Simple game systems ready
    1. Ludic Enviroment
    2. Educational Environment
    3. Family Environment
    4. School Environment
    5. Working Environment
    6. Theatre Environment
  5. Chapter 5: Considerations over social aspects
    1. Players Groups
    2. Changing systems according to players groups
  6. Chapter 6: Levity relations with Other Worlds
    1. Comics
    2. Movies
    3. Theatre
    4. Interactive Fiction
    5. Roleplaying Games
    6. CYOA – books
    7. Traditional storytelling
    8. TV Series